About The Tahara Collective

Welcome to The Tahara Collective – an organization dedicated to creating a safe haven for Muslims at every stage of their journey. At TTC, we believe in the eternal truth of Islam and strive to support each other as we study, learn, understand, practice, and grow. Our guiding principles of transparency and honesty ensure that we treat everyone with kindness, recognizing their humanity.

We are proud of the progress we have made over the years, and we work tirelessly to serve the Muslim communities in Nigeria. Our virtual and physical programs in partnership with other organizations are designed to address critical concerns in the Ummah, including COVID-19 relief projects, community gatherings and hangouts, expert-based programs on Islam, micro-finance tools, health insurance initiatives, water well intervention projects, livelihood support, and payment of tuition fees for less privileged students.

Our focus on Membership & Community Development, Social Support, Economic Empowerment, Advocacy, and Religious Education aims to promote and restore the spirit of oneness, brotherhood, and humanity in our communities. We provide a safety net for vulnerable members of our communities, facilitate job and wealth creation opportunities to alleviate poverty, champion Islam and Muslims by promoting inclusive, visible positive representation in all spheres, and create access and promote usage of quality Islamic Education steeped in tradition but responsive to contemporary needs.

Membership & Community Development is a crucial aspect of our work, and we have held over 80 virtual khutbahs between 2020 and 2021 to offer spiritual guidance and comfort during the pandemic’s peak. Our ‘Ask A Scholar’ sessions have also proven to be popular, with over 70 sessions held to date. Our Ramadan Series is dedicated to spiritual upliftment before, during, and after Ramadan, with over 3,000 attendants. We have also partnered with other organizations to provide iftar for fasting believers.

Our community hangout is a place where we discuss different topics such as marriage, gender-based violence, eco-consciousness, growing up Muslim, living in Islam, and owning the Muslim identity. We have conducted plant tree drives, get-togethers, and game sessions, impacting over 800 participants through over 50 online and physical community hangouts.

At TTC, we are committed to promoting unity, compassion, and inclusivity in all that we do. Join us on this journey to support and uplift the Muslim Ummah.