Our Project

The Tahara Collective has completed several impactful projects in partnership with various organizations.

indigent welfare

Indigent Welfare

The Tahara Collective provided financial support to vulnerable families and individuals using Zakat and Sadaqah funds. We assisted with rent, feeding, and life-saving surgeries for over five people. We also provided financial assistance for emergency medical surgeries.

Water Well Project

The Tahara Collective partnered with Al-Masa’akin Foundation to construct a water well in an urban slum in Ibadan, serving over 300 families. N400,000 can provide water for over 500 people according to their estimate.

Emergency Relief/COVID-19

Tahara Collective partnered with 8 organizations to provide food items and PPE to reduce COVID-19 risks. N11M was raised and helped 7,202 beneficiaries in 54 local governments across 10 Nigerian states.

Health Insurance

The Tahara Collective partnered with Hygeia HMO to provide modern medical services to over 500 vulnerable people in 2020. About N5,500,000 on health insurance and enrolled over 550 people from four Nigerian states.